The story is centered around the squabbling Sharma family headed by their eccentric grandpa which has a dubious reputation the inability to retain a cook for more than a few months due to their ill treatment of their servants. One day a young man named Raghu -Rajesh Khanna offers to work as a cook. Raghu lives up to the challenge. He even defuses the internal squabbles and re-unites the family. But Appearances are always decieving.

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  1. R K was the best , this movie was remade with govinda , A B is a A Hoh came in with his baap name , later I G supported him , even an animal takes care of its kids , likes this movie says , paayar bantane joh maazah hay , wow , no one knws this any more in the country that gave moral directions to the world , Hindustan !

  2. great movie ,best performance by kaka rajesh khanna ,,, beautiful music and direction thanks to hrishikesh da

  3. what an amazing movie. beautiful dialogues, great acting, mesmerising message. filled my heart with positivity.

  4. hrishikesh mukherjee,rajesh khanna,n the writer of this film have done their job perfectly.. ye movie kisi ko b badalne ki shakti rkhta h..thnx..all of u

  5. Please upload 'Parichay' 1972 in 2k with complete restoration.. please please please

  6. Meh bangladesh se hu. Par esa film mera life pe kabi na deka. Yeh film sirf india ke liye nehi. Pura dunia ke liye ek achcha film he joh insan har ek insan ko piyar kareh. Thank given us like this film.

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