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The way we conduct business at River Heights is a direct result of the various job experiences we’ve had over the last 20+ years. Some of us started in the business as print buyers, some were pre-press professionals, others were customer service representatives and sales professionals. Ultimately, although our jobs were fulfilling, we needed the freedom to stand alone and use what we’ve learned about print production and mailing to provide our clients with the type of partnership that provides better results for them than working with any one printer.

River Heights is a production partner like no other. We have an established network of high quality design, print, mail and distribution partners around the country, some of whom we often recommend you work with directly. We are your “one stop” print supplier and view ourselves as an extension of your purchasing team. We manage each job with YOUR best interest in mind.

Many of our clients have discovered that by working with us, they are actually getting the combined efforts of 4 or 5 print suppliers. Ultimately, our plan is to find the best fit for each of your print projects. When the job fits the equipment, it usually costs less! Please contact us and let us earn your business.

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