Choosing the Right Photo Paper (UK)

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With so many media choices, knowing which photographic paper to choose for printing can be an overwhelming task for many of your customers. To offer the right paper, for the right print job, and keep them coming back for more, HP provides large format printing materials to fit every need of the professional photographer or print service provider. Along with print type, function, and mood – other factors to consider when choosing photo papers include:

Finish – Matte, Satin or Gloss
How long the print needs to last
Where the print will be displayed

Here are just a few of the many photographic paper choices from HP available to fill the varying needs of your customers.

HP Everyday Instant-dry Gloss & Satin Photo Paper—a cost-effective, everyday photo paper with a fast dry-time and long-lasting image quality on a high-quality, recyclable paper.

HP Premium Matte & Satin Photo Paper—a premium paper to capture the best of digital fine art, look to this heavy paper for lustrous highlights and rich details.

HP Professional Instant-dry Satin Photo Paper—for exhibition-ready work, this instant-dry paper is a professional-grade weight with long-lasting durability, resists fading indoors, away from direct sun for up to 200 years.

For questions or assistance, contact your HP Large Format Media Specialist at +44 (0) 24 7718 0068, or email×100×50×100

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