Color Correcting and preparing images for OFFSET PRINTING

The tutorial describes “How to Color Correct and prepare images for OFFSET PRINTING” and “How to create a Custom (general) PDF preset that converts RGB-images to CMYK-images, from within Adobe InDesign”.

This Insider Secrets Tutorial – from a Graphic Design Expert – shows “How to SYNCHRONIZE Adobe’s Creative Suite”, “How to COLOR CORRECT an image in Photoshop CC” and “How to Create a HIGH RESOLUTION PDF in Adobe InDesign for Commercial Printing”. In only 25 minutes you learn to save a lot of money, time and stress.

Follow these three steps – in this advance technique – to become a Printing Expert:
• Step 1: Synchronizing Adobe’s Creative Suite;

• Step 2 [4:42]: Color Correcting an image (in Photoshop);
// DOWNLOAD the exercise file “mannequins.jpg” at:

• Step 3 [16:58] and [19:30]: Creating a High Resolution PDF.
Creating a custom Transparency Flattener Preset at first [18:.

Target group for this video: Graphic Designers and Photographers who want to prepare their images for Commercial Printing Projects.

Teacher: Stefano Falco.
A Graphic Designer for more than 25 years now.

• Setup Color Settings in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator using Adobe Bridge. This is called “Synchronizing the Adobe Creative Suite”.

• Setting the Adobe Workspace to Adobe RGB (1998) instead of the default sRGB (Stupid RGB).

• Using Photoshop’s Color management Policies [5:15], handling Embedded Profile Mismatch and images with Embedded Profiles. Converting document’s colors to the Working Space (in Photoshop).

• What is a Color Profile?

• Color Correction: using the Curves adjustment layer to neutralise Color Cast (Post White Balancing). What is Color Cast?

• Relying on what you see on your display is not a good idea!

• A trick to determine white-point (highlights), black-point (shadow area) and midtones in an image [6:40]?

• Photoshop Short Cuts for “Zooming In”, “Zooming Out” and “Navigating” in the image.

• Marking white-point, black-point and midtones in an image (using the Color Sampler Tool).

• Using Caps Lock for the Precise Cursor in Photoshop.

• Creating an S-Curve for Offset Printing [14:45].

• Convert RGB images (to CMYK) from within Adobe InDesign. There’s no need to convert RGB-images to CMYK – in Adobe Photoshop anymore.

• Save the image for Press [15:38].

• Creating a New InDesign Print (= Press) file [17:08].
Placing a color corrected TIFF image in InDesign [17:39].

• What is downsampling [20:18]?

• RGB to CMYK Color Conversion in InDesign [21:35].

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