Creating Acrylic Prints : Bumblejax – Acrylic Prints Specialists.
NOTE: LOGO WON’T APPEAR IN OUR PRINTS. This is a promo piece. This video shows you how the face mounting process is done using acrylic/plexiglass to create acrylic prints. While we didn’t use metallic paper in this video, it does add even more pop and is a popular option with our customers. We offer acrylic in 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″ and 1″. Call us today at 1-877-518-5187,

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  1. Good job guys..that's a lot of work. They do look great, not a fan of the reflections, but the art work looks very sharp.

  2. Nice to see the process, I have been a happy customer of your acrylic face mounted prints, they look excellent and quality, friendly service.

  3. Hi . Very impressive. Do you pay close attention to detail in your printing? My last order had a huge photoshop drag smear. I missed it on the smaller computer screen. You missed it on a very large print. How do you normally handle these type of situations? Thanks for the otherwise great prints.

  4. What material are you printing on? Is it a poster paper? or Vinyl… Can't sem to find the answers anywhere! I just bought a 7g Royal Soverighn Heat Assist Laminator to do this and I still get the silvering :/

  5. using your hand to wipe dust, seems like bad idea.. most dust is dry skin

  6. And here I thought you actually printed on the acrylic itself, or transferred the inks somehow. This is way easier! lol

  7. Have you tried tack cloths used by auto painters to remove dust? I am not big on the idea of hand oils on the acrylic surface. In the old days of printing in darkrooms, we used an Anti-Static Brush to clean negatives of dust. There are no wide Anti-Static brushes?

  8. Awesome job man!
    More than having the skills is the love you apply in your craft,I can see both in yours.

  9. saw pricing and shit bricks. why tf have i not invested in to a printer and machine and started my own business?

  10. I really want to do this at home with 1/4 thick 12x12in pieces and ill buy the double sided adhesive i need but i dont have any thing comparable to the use of that roller that makes it perfect. i mean if i get a rolling pin do you think i could finagle something with that?

  11. Hi – just wonder what adhesive you use ? cold/ warm ? and how warm is the process when it´s going thru the machine ?

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