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Digital Wallpaper Production: The Xeikon Wall decoration Suite is the ideal solution to start with a big roll and end with a small roll of wallpaper. This suite consists of different components. The most important one being the Xeikon 3500 Digital Printing Press. Xeikon presented this Suite at the Xeikon Café on Document and Commercial Production Suites.

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Digital label printing press – Xeikon 3500
The Xeikon 3500 as a flagship wide web label press produces at true 1200 dpi for widths up to 516 mm (20.3 inches) at impressive speeds (19.2 m/min or 63 ft/min). With this digital press you’ll have shorter runs and faster delivery times. The Xeikon 3500 digital printing press prints in five colors: CMYK and a fifth option for spot colors.
This digital press is equipped to make digitally printed large-format wallpaper. These multiple large format wallpaper rolls fall together like pieces in a puzzle.

Key specifications – Xeikon 3500
The Xeikon 3500 is a top performing digital front-end digital label printing press.
Here follow some key specifications. The Xeikon 3500
• prints on a wide range of board types (GC1, GC2, GD1,…),
• folds and prints on B2 format or bigger,
• has 5 print stations for CMYK plus orange and superblack and has a broad color gamut for low and high quality,
• prints out 1630 B2 sheets/hour, which makes that it can handle low and high folding carton production volumes,
• has dedicated dry toners, which don’t contain mineral oils, has high-light fastness, and is food-safe.

Auxiliary equipment for an all-in solution
The inline finishing equipment is made to work specifically with the wallpaper production Suite:
• prehumidifier for non-woven substrates
• web finishing module
• unit for accurate cutting and slitting
• rewinder

Get into detail:

Digitally printed wallpaper
The features and possibilities of digitally printed wallpaper are endless and unlimited. No need for repeating patterns because digital print technology allows for single, high-resolution images that can cover the entire wall. Other creative wall covering such as glow-in-the-dark or even scratch-and-sniff wallpaper are possibilities.

The Xeikon digital print solutions are compatible with just about any substrate.

Benefits of digital wallpaper printing
With a digitally printed wallpaper you can create large one-of-a-kind murals.
Digital wallpaper is interesting since it does not require stock. Ideal for short runs, digital enables you to print only what is needed and still make a profit.
No need for repeated patterns anymore. High-resolution photo wallpaper and large-scale designs are no longer an issue, and, since digital printing requires no rollers, digital wallpaper can have any color imaginable. Color gradients without hard lines are now possible too.

Because digital wallpaper manufacturers don’t have to sit on stock, they can easily print custom wallpaper on demand. And with all the easy-to-remove substrates available for digital printing today, trend-sensitive consumers can even change their wallpaper just like they change their wardrobe every season.

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