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Hi, I’m Travis from the Mailing List Department at Print, Label and Mail. And if you’re trying to decide whether or not you need a target mailing list, just start off by defining a geographical area– a city, a zip code, or even a neighborhood. Then ask yourself this question, are most of the people in the area prospects for my product or service? Well, if you own a pizza shop, the answer is probably yes. Most families order a pizza on a regular basis and, in my case, at least once a week.

But let’s say you’re a veterinarian, a dog groomer, or a pet sitter. You’d want to target homes only with pets. Maybe you’re a lawn service that wants to avoid apartments. Perhaps you have an auto repair shop that specializes in foreign cars. You might be running for political office and need to get in touch with your base for fund raising. We recently had a customer with a program that sends high school students to Israel for two months. They wanted a list of Jewish families with high school age children.

These and other specialized situations call for a targeted mailing list. A postcard mailing using a targeted mailing list will be more expensive than a neighborhood saturation. First, you have the cost of acquiring the mailing list, which can average age of .08 to .15 per lead. The postage is also higher for a targeted mailing list. Postage discounts are based on saturation. The more concentrated the mailing area, the lower the postage rate.

Compared to a neighborhood saturation mailing, targeted mailings are spread out over a larger area and will be mailed at a higher rate. But don’t let the additional cost discourage you. A targeted list should provide a much higher response rate. You won’t be wasting postcards and postage on addresses that are not your prospects. In fact, your cost per lead will probably be lower using a targeted list.

We want your mailing to be as successful as possible, so we use the biggest names in the industry as list providers. Companies like Dun& Bradstreet, Equifax, and Acxiom Lists are constantly checked and updated. You’ll get the most current data available. So if you decide you need a targeted mailing list for your mailing, give us a call. My department can help you decide the right criteria to use to get the best results.
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