Fiat 3D Lenticular Large Format Printing

3D Lenticular Large Format Projects

1- Lenticular Effect : This is difficult conclude the final output result even for an experienced lenticular billboard maker. It’s because the desired result is affected by design, installation location, climax condition, viewing distant and the time it last. Different effects having different limitations.
2- Type of Effect : Only Flip and Animation works for billboard systems. 3D Depth effect won’t be felt after 8 meters.
3- Viewing Distance : Lenticular only works with limited distance. So best distance range will be found out regarding to inspection. Images will be visible out of this range, but will not animate perfectly.
4- Frontlite : will work for lenticular at night. But some reflective light will be visible on it.
5- Sunlight : Sunlight doesn’t effect lenticular animations. If the sunlight directly comes to panels, some reflective lights might be visible. But it won’t make any problem for 3D Lenticular.
6- Permission: 3D Lenticular Billboard applied in many country such as Italy, USA, Turkey, etc… We don’t face any problem with the law of countries.

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