Global Capitalism: Trump’s Big Economic Plans Fade [April 2017]

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Global Capitalism: “As Trump’s Big Economic Plans Fade, What’s Next?” with Richard D. Wolff
Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work, Left Forum & Judson Memorial Church
Wednesday, April 12th 2017 at 7:30pm
Judson Memorial Church (239 Thompson Street at Washington Square, Manhattan)

These programs begin with 30 minutes of short updates on important economic events of the last month, then Wolff analyzes several major economic issues. This month, these issues will include:

1. Two connected failures: to repeal Obamacare, to get “tax reform”
2. The injustice of the US tax system (in honor of April 18 tax due day)
3. The economics of the US-China link and its bumpy contradictions

Our goal: To develop all participants’ understanding and ability to explain current economic events and trends to others. We open the floor to questions and comments when time permits.

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