GO F-24 UV LED (CMYK + White, Clear) Flatbed Printer


GO F-24 UV LED Flatbed Inkjet Printer
GO Wide. GO Deep. GO Fast.

GO Wide: 24″ x 18″ Flatbed Printing Area

GO Deep: Up to 10-inches of Gantry/Material Height

GO Fast: Over 100 sq ft per hour

High Resolution Imaging up to 1440 dpi

6-Color Channel (CMYK, White, Clear)

White Ink Ready (WIR) provides ink circulation and pressurized pumps to reduce head clogging

Dual Liquid Cooled UV LED Lamps

GO F-24 UV Flatbed Printer
List Price: ,995

GO UV-m Ink
Price: per 250 mL

For More Information:

E-mail us: sales@graphicsone.com

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