Greg Foley and Natalie Andrewson: Print and Process

MFA Visual Narrative RisoLAB artists-in-residence Natalie Andrewson and Greg Foley present their own work as well as projects that they completed during their residencies at the lab.

Natalie Andrewson is an illustrator and cartoonist currently living in Brooklyn, New York. She’s worked on various projects like book covers, magazine and newspaper illustrations, animation backgrounds, comics and posters. She’s currently working on her first large scale graphic novel, an adaptation of the original Nutcracker story for First Second. She self publishes comics and prints at the SVA RisoLAB where she was an Artist in Residence in the fall of 2016 and likes to show work at comic conventions across the world like TCAF, SPX, ELCAF and Kaigai Manga Festa.

Greg Foley designs and creative-directs Visionaire, V Magazine, VMAN and VFiles. He is a Grammy-nominated album cover designer, the author-illustrator of the children’s series Thank You Bear, and a contributing artist for The New Yorker.

The SVA RisoLAB was founded in the fall of 2015 by SVA MFA Visual Narrative Chair Nathan Fox as an interdisciplinary space for printing, publishing and production of Risograph based printed works. We offer several Continuing Education courses, as well as our first Undergraduate course taught by Panayiotis Terzis, launching this fall. Our mission is to become a hub of small scale and experimental printing and publishing activity that brings together artists of all backgrounds and disciplines to encourage dialogue across different creative worlds and foster discussion about the role of print media as a vehicle for art and culture, and a way to work out creative ideas to lead to unexpected results that would not be possible with a sole reliance on today’s digital tools.

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