H1B-Epi195 $50 Printer, do not know why many of our guys take personal prints out at work?.

H1B Life is entirely different than an IT professional life in India.
No one told me in 2008, we used to walk mile(s) in Iselin Street of New Jersey for one print out or scanning documents etc though lived in company guest house.

I read online Indians do all personal works at USA clients and I thought someone wrote badly about Indians but from 2008 till date I noticed that Indians do all personal paper works at work locations though it is not supposed to be. NOT ALL BUT MAJORITY.

I wonder why cannot H1B or f1 worker buy a stupid printer which costs to 0 a best one with all built in(fax/scanner and printer etc) and unlimited access on the smart phone so that we do not need to use USA clients internet/printer/scanner for personal works right?

I even told anyone doing this personal work at work because it’s against ethics and it records on print servers which I handled print servers in most of the locations. Now people target me for sharing the truth and my life time experiences to new comers so that they can lead a happy life or better life.
Staples or Office Depot you can walk in for this printing stuff and local libraries also you can avail internet and printing free.
Even in Webster New York, you can give print command and collect print outs from local library (subject correction).

H1B from Indian Incs life is really pathetic and painful:

1. Submission of hundreds of resumes in a week

2. Vendors/multiple vendors/layers/multiple layers…American PVs, Indian TOP 10 MNCs and their illegal layers need resumes etc

3. Unlimited calls from corp-corp (bad website) dice(not good) and so many websites, calls from 24*7 due to IST/PST time zones and none of the INDIAN COMPANIES call on time etc.

4. Advice: do not submit resumes more than 8 hours a day, you lose peace of mind and do not attend the calls after 5PM (EST or whatever time zone) and take calls from 9am onwards if no project time.

5. Useless people and mismanagement guys calls all the time who do not respect other man’s time and value of life.

6. Recent trend a bad practice by Indian companies, they do not share their SKYPE screen or window but they only see you as if the H1B is in JAIL etc. STUPID PEOPLE do not know how to conduct interviews also taking interviews for H1Bs.

7. Indians do not trust each other and due to 100% Indian Incs resumes are fake so they expect you also a fake guy and start the interviews.

8 On top of it lots of paper work before/after the submissions and interviews etc: authorization for submission, scanning of H1B copies, DL etc.

9 Indians collect all information which is illegal and you do not give SSN scanned copy to anyone except American PV who needs it for back ground check verification.

10. Indian Incs do (all) scams by create an email with your first name and last name and access all your emails so do not allow that.

This is NOT designed for H1B’s life. America expects H1B employer search for a project for H1B employee, pay salary from day-1 hire but not pay only as and when project is there, pay OT(time and a half) if work more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours ina week 2000 hours in year. Pay vacation to India every year and pay 14 days vacation etc. H1B rules are same for any one who board this either from Indian Incs or Indian Companies. Also epxect to give all h1b legal documents, pay everthing by employer except VISA interview fee in US consulates in India etc.

Thanks for reading this.
Kumar Pandruvada
New York.

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