How To : Mount Photo Prints to Wooden Panels

How To : Mount Photo Prints to Wooden Panels (and how to make the panel itself!)

A comprehensive step by step video showing the construction of wooden panels, and the preparations to mount photographic or other art prints to them.

Photo prints mounted to wooden panels are a great product for any photographer to sell their prints on. I have been making these for a long time, but up until now I was buying the panel from local art stores. In this video, I show you the steps involved to go from raw materials to your finished product.

For the longest time I was using separate adhesives to mount the print, and varnishes to finish it, but I’ve recently started using Mod Podge which is great because its cheaper than everything I’ve used before, and it does double duty – working as both the adhesive and the finish.

These are pretty easy to build – start to finish, actual work time is only about half hour, and it gets even faster the more you make at once. With the materials I use, excluding the tools you need to put them together, they will cost you a fraction of what your art store will charge. Savings are nice, but the real reason why I wanted to make these entirely myself is because I want to have complete control over the products I provide and the only way to do that is build them myself from the ground up.

Thanks for watching, I hope this helps you make your own, and gives you some ideas.


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  1. I didn't understand what kind of black paint you were using on the video. Could you tell us?

  2. Many thanks for this. Very clear and definitely inspires me to try it myself. Thank you!

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