Large Format Photography: Swing Bridge

03.05.2017 // Large Format Photography // Swing Bridge

ShenHao 4×5 TZ45 IIB
Schneider 210mm f5.6
Fujifilm Provia 100f

Attempt at sunrise was a bust, so I found plan B, an old swing bridge from the early 1900s. SUPER windy, SUPER cold. Goal was to spend some extra time nailing the exposure (slide film) and playing with some camera movements.

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  1. Apologies for the wind and cold. Made it hard to spend time explaining all of the setup. Hope you enjoy & film reveal at end!

  2. Beautiful work, Eric. Bridges are a favorite subject of mine. You really captured the frigid mood of the scene. Fabulous work.

  3. Hi Eric, at which lab are you sending your 120 for developing? I'm trying to find a good lab that would handle 120 film on both c-41 and e-6 chemistry.

  4. At~ 6:14m I see the tripod shaking as your begin to take your exposures – bridge movement, wind? Must be a difficult shot to avoid blur, i.e. high shutter speed? Thx

  5. Great video and final photo! Keep up the great work. If you ever come to Florida to warm up, let me know and we can go shooting!

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