Postcards Home by Henry Jacobson (Archive)

Henry Jacobson is raising funds for his photography project through Kickstarter. To receive contributions, the project must be funded in full by 12/18/12:

From Henry: A personal journey through the life of a nomadic photographer, using mobile images as communication – these are my postcards home. Daylight Books will be publishing my first book of photographs, Postcards Home, for release in 2013. This book is the result of 3 years of personal work done mostly while living on the road, with no permanent address, shooting films around the world and all over the US. This was a period of personal upheaval, of endings and beginnings of very important relationships, of illnesses and deaths and births. But my nomadic life allowed for limited access to those I hold dear. Every image in this book was taken with an iPhone, and most were immediately sent to someone I love, or shared within my broader social network. This synergy of photography and communication, through the use of mobile technology, is changing our understanding of the medium from a frozen moment to a visual interaction between individuals. This work is the result of my attempts to connect with the people and the environments that replaced my concept of home.

Photography books, along with the rest of the publishing world, have taken a big hit in recent years. Most publishers can no longer afford to fully fund a book, relying on sales to recoup their expenses – so the model has changed to share the burden and the risk between the photographer and the publisher (except in rare cases with very established artists). As a result, the artist now has to bring a substantial sum of money (substantial, at least to those of us who make our livings entirely from our work in the arts) to the table up front. In return, we receive a larger portion of the books to sell on our own, or to pre-sell as I am doing here. As difficult as it will be for me to raise the funds needed, I am thrilled to be working with Daylight. They have innovated and adapted to the new landscape in photography and are taking a risk to back and distribute my project – even though my work is not very well known. Michael Itkoff and Taj Forer – the owners of Daylight are doing amazing things in a tough environment and I’m honored to join them in publishing my first book.

The goal I have set here is about two-thirds of what I actually need to raise to get this book out. It will cover my initial fees to lock in the printer and the time slot for release. I hope to raise more than this goal, in order to cover the remainder of the printing costs for both the book and the accompanying exhibitions, not to mention the travel to China to go on press for the book printing.

I have already begun lining up exhibitions to coincide with the book release next fall – so look out for shows in Los Angeles, New York, and London. There are a lot of organizational and scheduling challenges; locking in the final edit, working with Daylight’s excellent designer, Ursula Damm, to finish the book, adding the text (including an afterword by the brilliant Stephen Mayes, director of VII), then going on press – which will undoubtedly present new challenges. However, all of these challenges, both financial and creative, are opportunities to learn and to develop my future work. I am excited to deal with each one as it arises.

Bio: Henry Jacobson is a photographer and filmmaker based in New York and DC. He is the cinematographer, director, and producer on many documentary films, including Fambul Tok, Folk, Truth in Translation, After the War, Sound and Vision, Brawley and Fair Chase. His “fashion films” have garnered much attention, the first of which, Lost/Loved, appeared in the Fotovisura “Love and War” exhibit at the 2011 NY Photo Festival. His still photography has been published and exhibited internationally. Publications include The New York Times, Zink, Marie Claire Italy, GOOD, PDN, Visura, Hollywood Reporter, and Filler among others. Postcards Home is his first book of photographs.

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