Preview of auction of photographs by Richard Avedon

(18 Nov 2010) SHOTLIST
Paris, 18 November 2010
1. Wide exterior of Christie’s Auction house
2. Interior shot of the auction preview
3. Photograph of “Marilyn Monroe, actress, New York City, May 1957”
4. Mid shot of “Verushcka, Dress by Kimberly, New York Studio, January 1967”
5. Mid shot of people looking at the “The Beatles portfolio, London, England, 8-11-67”
6. Close up of “The Beatles portfolio, London, England, 8-11-67”
7. Wide of the art exhibition
8. Tilt up of “Dovima with Elephants” (1955), the most expensive picture of the exhibition.
9. Group of viewers
10. SOUNDBITE (English) Malgosia Bela, Polish Model who was portrayed by Avedon, in front of the picture “Malgosia Bela, Body jewel by Tom Binns, New York CIty, March 13, 2000:
“He was 77, he jumped when he was taking every picture. He shot with big cameras, it is like big plates going into the camera. It is not film. It is just plates of film. So every plate is an event basically. He made me ashamed of myself because in this business, many people are quite blase, jaded�whatever another fashion shoot� And this 77 year-old man was so excited whenever he took one picture. The energy was incredible.”
11. Mid shot of “Pablo Picasso”, April 1958
12. Mid shot of “Malcom X”, March 27, 1963
13. SOUNDBITE (English) Stuart Alexander, Senior specialist in photographs and vice president of Christie’s in New York :
“He’d been, perhaps, feeling a little bit isolated by photographing many famous people, fashion models and didn’t feel like he was connecting with real people. So he spent several years photographing throughout the American West and did that series, printing them in a very large way which he appreciated, carrying a white backdrop, so in essence carrying the studio along with him. To isolate them from their background, so you can really see the person and their essence.
14. Mid shot of two pictures, “Jay Greene, grain thresher, Burdeley, Idaho, 8-19-63″ and ” Debbie Mc Clendon, carney, Thermopolis, Wyoming, 7-29-81″
15. Mid shot of viewer looking at the picture “William Casby, born in Slavery, Algiers, Louisiana, 3-24-63”
16. Extreme close-up of the picture
Christie’s in Paris is to auction over 60 photographs by Richard Avedon on Saturday to raise money for the foundation set up by the American portrait and fashion photographer before his death in 2004.
The auction represents the largest grouping of the influential photographer’s work ever to reach the market and is expected to raise 6 (m) million US dollars.
Portraits range from shots of the Beatles to snapshots of ordinary people from the American West.
Highlights of the sale include a rare portrait of Pablo Picasso as well as the largest photograph in print of Avedon’s famous shot of model Dovima in a Dior gown, posing with elephants at a circus.
Avedon’s career framed fashion photography as modern art in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and The New Yorker.
His style, though minimalist, captured dramatic contrasts and movements.
Malgosia Bela, a model who worked with Avedon, was one of those viewing the photos on display on Thursday, ahead of Saturday’s sale.
Bela recalled with fondness her experience with the photographer, and spoke warmly about his enthusiasm.
The auction Saturday will raise money for the Richard Avedon Foundation endowment fund.
Avedon created the foundation to encourage the study and protection of his work and legacy, but the foundation says it is heading toward becoming a philanthropic organisation.
The auction coincides with Paris Photo 2010, an annual photography fair that brings international photography buyers to the city.

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