Shapeoko 3: Building a Large Format Camera (For Wet Plate Photography)


In this video I wanted to take my Shapeoko 3 a little beyond carving and making signs. I have built large format cameras before but never with a cnc machine and never in plywood. Birch plywood is beautiful, light weight and affordable. I do use several other tools as well but the main structure of the camera is cut using the Shapeoko cnc. This is also the first time I try to cut brass with it, and it was no problem (even with a tiny 1.8mm bit). I have covered most of the steps.

For software running the Shapeoko I used:

Adobe Illustrator
UGS (Universal Gcode Sender)

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  1. you mean,you didn't grind the lenses, build the iris,shutter,engrave the f/stops,shutter speeds and you call yourself a craftsman? Tsk,tsk.

  2. Great video and project.. Will you ever release the easel project..?

  3. this is awesome man! I was thinking to make also a camera as deco but you've done it better and took it to the next level! Well done, great job! I'm going to the part two now!!

  4. I made a bellows camera, from a party magnifying glass lens (1 inch I think), ducktape and cardboard.

  5. Wow, you work very systematic and very precise. Indeed not all of these tools are at the disposal of every amateur, but still, it is nice to see how you do all these steps so meticulously. Probably making it look easier than it is in reality.

  6. great skills love this video, if i asked you to do 8*10 camera will you do it? if yes how much it will cost? thnx

  7. As much as I love this…….There is no way the normal DIYer has this tech to produce a camera!! Seems like a little self gratification going on here! :-/

  8. Impressive! I wish I had the skills and the equipment to make my own 4×5.

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