Shooting a 4×5 Large Format Portrait
I just got this Shen Hao TZ45-IIA 4×5 large format camera and needed to test it asap. That’s my very first shot in making! Fujinon 150mm lens, Ilford HP5 400ISO film, f11@1/125s.

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  1. It's funny when people talk about 4×5 being small, given that most cameras have much smaller negatives 🙂 It's only small compared to 8×10 🙂 8×10 is tiny compared to 'The great picture' though 🙂 [ the great picture was a huge pinhole camera, which used 21 gallons of emulsion to cover the the negative ]

  2. I have the Fred Picker 4×5 view camera in black walnut with gold plated over brass hardware, and  A 210MM AND 90MM SCHNEIDER LENSES, I ONLY SHOT 8 NEGATIVES THROUGH IT, BOUGHT IT IN 1990 FOR $1,495. LOOKING TO SELL IT~

  3. I absolutely love your hair ! Extremely nice camera as well 😉

  4. Haha '4×5" are so tiny' 🙂 I'm considering between 6×7, 6×8 or 4×5"

  5. Brilliant video, if I did ever buy one I would have to get that wooden tripod! Watched a few of your videos now and your enthusiasm is fantastic to watch.

  6. I lol'd when she said that 4×5 are so small. As somebody that is coming from 35mm. Perspective is everything. lol

  7. My dear young lady; I use a Burke & James 4X5 Speed Press for this kind of work on small format film (4X5) It has a Wollensak Raptar 167mm lens, operated with a Rapax shutter. The B&J has a lot of front movements, which come in handy occasionally. I use Arista 100 speed pan film for women, and Kodak Carestream ortho, cut down, for men. I have been doing this since 1947. I normally prefer 5X7, but a 4X5 is handier for a walk-around camera.

  8. I was like "WOW" when you referred to a 4×5 as such a tiny negative. Until now the 4×5 was the largest thing I owned. But I just commissioned an 8×10. But it is exclusively for wet plate work.
    You have a very handsome camera by the way.

  9. nice shot and a great camera, I used to have one of these a couple of years ago,  those are great landscape cameras but for portraits I like to use my cambo sc studio camera just because of the movements it is definitely not as portable as the shen though, I don't even own a field camera now, being stupid I sold my tachihara (still not sure why I did that)  again nice work keep it up

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