Street Art Posters (02) Papavish OM Levinar by ArJeiEmSi
These are printed as Open Editions “Digital Posters” on 11×17 80lb Paper. These are part of the collection of images I put-out as Street Art. They are created as Photo- montages. I use original photograph (other photos “Tribute Series” I use as referencing) and then combine them with Textures and My Drawings.

All these posters are intended to be printed as (Fine Art Giclees) “Large Format Posters”
Signed and Numbered by the Artist ArJeiEmSi.

Open Editions 11×17 Digital Posters
(1) print for , (3) prints for , (5) prints for , (7) prints for , (10) prints for

If you would like to buy 10 or more prints, they are available at (wholesale price) for .50 each.

To buy the prints Online please visit:

Send Me a message through facebook to get your address where to send them and to make payment arrangements

Papavish OM Levinar… Actua CREA Plasma… Act CREATE Put-Out…

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