#TravelAndThriftTip: Quick eBay Shipping Guide/ How To / Tutorial

#TravelAndThriftTip – Shipping Guide/ Tutorial
I am always asked this question especially as a shoe seller, “How do you ship all of your shoes?”, and it’s something that I wanted to touch on here!
You will need:
• Scale
• Padded Flat Rate Envelopes, Medium Flat Rate Box, Priority Box, and Padded Envelopes (black)
I divide items into different weight classes. I do this when listing so I can incorporate shipping cost into price:
• 16 ounces or less, I use a black padded envelope and it goes first class (~less than .50 USD)
• If it is more than 16 oz and can fit in a Padded Flat Rate envelope it goes there (~a little under .00 USD)
• If it is more than 16 oz and cannot fit in a PFR, I will ship in a Medium Flat Rate Box (~ less than USD) or Priority Box depending on weight (~ less than ). MFRs are one flat rate so that is my go to option for cross county shipping!
For international shipping, I always ship first class as it is cheaper and will use a padded envelope (black) for that.
You can get all USPS branded boxes for free on their website! For the padded flat rate envelope, you must go online and order that for free as well!
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