Two minutes or less: How to load Large format sheet film holders

In this video we show how to load sheet film in large format holders (4X5). Here are some more notes:
Clean your holders before loading
Used tape or a rubber band to make sure slides do not pull out in your bag or by accident
If you can, prepare all the things you need to load before turning the light off, the more space you have the easier it will be to load
On modern holders there is a little cut out hole at the bottom of the holder. This hole is offset to one side, which is the side where the notches should be when the film is loaded correctly
Professional sheet film is designed to be handled with your hands and fingers, so it is OK to grab the sheets in order to load them. Most modern films will be fine and you do not have to worry about finger prints or other issues

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  1. I'm wanting to move up from Medium Format to Large Format. Your video was very helpful.
    Thank You very much for your vid..

  2. Great instructions. One thing that wasn't mentioned explicitly: this all has to be done in complete darkness. So either in a darkroom or a changing bag.

  3. Great video. I wish I had seen it before just had to sacrifice a sheet to see if I was doing it right. likes like I did :). first time shooting 4×5 gonna take the graflex for a spin.

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